Pokemon Uranium Map

Welcome to Pokémon Uranium!

Ideally the introduction grouping got your advantage and you’re prepared to start your voyage into the new universe of Tandor. Before you start you should need to head into the alternatives menu and set up your controls and settings; the default format isn’t perfect for everybody. With the most current updates a FPS slider was included into the choices menu so modify the slider up or down as required while in the diversion to help lessen slack. Periodically, you may keep running into bugs, in which case you can report them utilizing the Bug Report frame and request help on the Bugs and Errors page. On the off chance that you have a more difficult issue, you can recuperate your diversion from a programmed reinforcement in the C:\Users\YOURPC\Saved Games\Pokemon Uranium\Backups envelope. Remember this makes just occasional reinforcements, so make certain to spare frequently. – Pokemon Uranium Angelure Town

Also, on the off chance that you are the kind of individual who likes to know the design of the land before you start you can look at the Tandor Map for a breakdown of the considerable number of urban areas, town, courses, and Pokémon to be secured here.

This guide isn’t intended to be widely inclusive. Commonly there will be a connection to a Town, City, or Route that will give a guide of the territory, and additionally data on the mentors, things, Pokémon, as well as rec center pioneers in the zone in lieu of more nitty gritty data. In the event that everything was secured here it would be too long.

Once you’re good to go up make a beeline for the following segment and get ready to begin your trip into the universe of Pokémon!

After the opening true to life grouping you begin in your room in Moki Town. Like all Pokémon amusements, the principal thing you ought to do is check your PC for a free Potion. This will help in the first place when you are moving between Pokémon Centers, or your underlying battle with your adversary. In the wake of evacuating the elixir, make a beeline for meet your Auntie. Endeavoring to go out without addressing her will trigger the discourse, “I would be advised to state farewell to Auntie first” so go address her to acquire the Running Shoes (gives you a chance to set a key to consequently run).

Acquire a Rare Candy from the individual before the houses over Theo’s

After you get done with addressing Auntie, go outside and the distance to one side (the column of houses inverse of yours) to converse with the individual before the main house. Doing as such will give you a free Rare Candy! (best to put something aside for later levels). Don’t hesitate to investigate around a bit, however you won’t have the capacity to enter the grass and leave town until the point when you get your first Pokémon from the Professor so travel north the distance to the Pokémon Research Lab. As you get close to the passage, a child keeps running up behind you and begins to criticize you. This is your adversary, Theo, so get used to his immature diversion now as it won’t enhance until some other time. After your concise chat with Theo, go into the Pokemon Research Lab to be acquainted with Professor Bamb’o and take the Pokémon Trainer Test. The test is only an approach to coordinate you with a Starter Pokémon that (hypothetically) matches your play style. In the event that you have a specific inclination you can look at the starter Pokémon interface above, or answer the inquiries to be coordinated with your proper starter.

After you both get your Pokémon, Theo moves you to a fight (astound!). You ought to have the capacity to win this fight, as you have the sort advantage; on the off chance that you lose, the diversion will proceed in any case (the discourse will be distinctive for that succession however). Following your first fight, come back to town and go into the house next to the brittle shakes on the east side of town that prompt Route 3. This is Theo’s home and his father, Cameron, will address you about the fight you simply had. Thereafter, he hands both you and Theo a PokéPod. This gadget has a district delineate, player, and a telephone you can use to re-fight mentors and get essential calls.

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From here, leave the house and go the distance to one side to see Theo and Professor Bamb’o at the grass close to the town leave prompting Kevlar Town. Approach and he will experience the prologue to getting Pokémon with you, and also give you the Pokédex and some Poké Balls. Make sure to seek out him from time to time as you top off your Pokédex for rewards. You can perceive what the prizes are Here.


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